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How It Works

  1. Your quilt top is complete. Time to relax and enjoy the quilting process! 🧵

  2. Prepare your quilt and backing.

  3. Fill out the HRQ Quilting Request Form on my website.  If you would rather call 336-619-2056 and allow me to walk through the questions with you that’s cool too. Local customers are welcome to make an appointment to drop off and we will go through the form together. 

  4. If you need assistance choosing a quilting design, no worries, just type in the form “Let’s decide together” and I’ll work with you to determine a design that will fit you and your project.

  5. You will also be asked about your quilting density preference of open, medium, or, dense. This will determine the scale of the design.

  6. Select your batting. I carry Quilters Dream batting because of the consistent quality and the results it provides.

  7. Once I receive your form, you are officially in my quilting queue. I’ll email you back as soon as possible to answer any questions that you may have or to request additional information. 

  8. I provide to you an estimate to quilt for you based on your request. 

  9. Please place your quilt top and backing into a waterproof bag before boxing. USPS priority mail includes tracking and $50 of insurance. Of course, you may purchase additional insurance if preferred. Mail to: High Rock Quilter, PO Box 444, Southmont, NC 27351

  10. Once your package has been received, you’ll be notified. From this day it will be about 3 weeks until your quilt will be ready to send back

  11. When your quilt is next in line, I’ll reach out to you with this exciting news. 😄

  12. Once the quilting is in progress, I’ll send you an update.

  13. When your beautiful quilt has been quilted, I’ll send pictures that you can joyfully share.

  14. Next, I’ll send an invoice and once I receive payment, I’ll ship your quilty project back to you.

  15. 😍 Enjoy your beautiful quilt!!! 

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