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HRQ's Quilting Request Form
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Turn around time is typically 2-3 weeks. Do you have a deadline for your quilt?If so, what is that date?

Is Quilt Top Directional?
Is QuiltBack Directional?

Designs are listed here. 

Would you like some help with this decision? Simply enter "Let's decide together" for recommendations. 

Quilting Density Preference

Enter a color or "Quilter's Choice" if you would like for me to choose a thread color. I tend to choose a color that blends best with all of the fabrics. 

I stock Quilters Dream batting on 93" rolls

Additional Services
Quilt Photos

Please include any additional information that you would like to share with me about your quilt. Feel free to ask any questions you have. I'll use this information to best help you when I reply by email.

Upload Quilt Photo

Thank you and please check your email for instructions.

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