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FAQ's and Tips

 I'm passionate about giving you the results you will love!

How do I prepare my quilt?

  • Please make sure your quilt top is as square as possible.

  • Backing Fabric needs to have at least 8" extra on the width and the length of your quilt top. It can be larger but not smaller.

    • Example: Quilt top is 60 x 80 - Backing must be at least 68 x 88 ​

  • Tip! Widebacks are highly recommended. However, they need to be prewashed and air dried or machine dried on very low heat. These backing fabrics contain additional sizing and starch because of their width. The extra chemicals affect the stitch quality during. 

  • If you need to piece your backing:

    • if at all possible sew your backing pieces to where the seam runs horizontal with the quilt top and not vertical. 

    • use a 1/2 inch seam with a very small stitch length

    •  press seam open

  • Trim all loose threads on the front and the back of your quilt top.

  • Press quilt top and backing.

  • Mark the top of your quilt top and the top of your quilt backing.

  • If your quilt does not have an outside border I recommend that you "stay stitch" less than 1/4 inch around the parameter of your quilt top. This ensures that the seams do not pull apart. 

Tidy it up

Please press your top and backing so that it's nice and tidy and ready to load. Don't forget to clip stray threads or raveling fabrics as best as you can. Don't skip this important step that will prevent  threads from showing through on your quilt top. As an additional service, I offer to complete this step for you at $20 per hour. 

Quilting Design Choice

Choose from one of the many popular designs. If you have a favorite quilting design in mind and it is not listed please check out Urban Elementz Quilting Designs for additional options and include a comment on the booking form. To offset the cost, there is a $5 charge to purchase a design that I do not have in inventory. 

Need assistance choosing a quilting design?

I enjoy helping with that decision by providing to you mock-ups of designs placed on an image of your quilt top. This give you a visual experience of how the design will look on your quilt. 

Thread Charge

There are no additional charges for thread. 

Payment and Other Costs

After the work is complete, I will invoice you via email. I really do appreciate timely payments as that enables me to mail your project back to you right away.

I accept all major credit cards and Venmo.

***The state of North Carolina requires me to collect a 7% sales tax on services and batting.

Have more questions? Please Contact me 😊

How to prepare quilt
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