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Edge-to-Edge Quilting Designs

So many cool digital pantograph designs are available these days to satisfy a variety of aesthetics! Although I have hundreds, here are some client favorites. Designs are priced according to the amount of time and thread they take to stitch out. Thread is included at no additional charge.  Please don't hesitate to Contact Me with any questions, I would love to help.

If you have a favorite quilting design in mind that I don't have in inventory, I'll be happy to purchase that for a flat rate of $5 which is a fraction of my cost. Please check out the following sites for additional design choices. 

Ma Tante Digital Pantographs

Urban Elementz Quilting Designs 

Longarm League

Intelligent Quilting

With so many quilting designs to choose from, I enjoy helping with that decision by providing to you mock-ups of designs placed on an image of your quilt top for an extra visual experience.

3 Cent Designs

 2.5 Cent Designs

 2 Cent Designs