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Moda Love Quilt by Lana B

Longarm Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Quilting

High Rock Quilter provides computerized edge-to-edge quilting services which means the design will be repeated throughout your quilt uniformly. The charge for edge-to-edge quilting is 2-3 cents per square inch depending on the quilting design chosen. Due to the time required for loading your quilt on the frame, there is a minimum quilting charge of $50.00 for smaller quilts. 

Determine Your Quilting Cost Below- Browse Designs - The average design price is .025 cents per square inch. 

Quiling Cost

I exclusively carry Quilter's Dream Batting because of the consistent quality and the results it provides. You are welcome to provide your own batting if there is another high quality preferred option. If your piecing contains a lot of white, I would suggest choosing a white batting. Black batting is available for quilt tops containing a large amount of dark fabrics. Natural 80/20 is the most popular and works for most quilt projects. 

Batting available to cut from a queen size roll (most cost effective option):

Batting is cut 5 inches over the shortest side of your quilt top and any extra batting will be shipped back to you. Please see batting pricing and options below. 

  • Natural 80/20 Select Midloft (80% Cotton/20% Polyester) Most Popular - 0.38 cents per linear inch

  • White 100% Cotton Select Midloft- 0.51 cents per linear inch

  • Wool Light yet lofty - blend of Merino and domestic - 0.50 cents per linear inch



Other Services

  • Cut and sew backing pieces together - $12.00 per seam 

  • Press quilt top, backing and trim stray threads $20.00 per hour

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